Trying to get rich quickly,
Usually results in getting broke quickly.
Slow down.
Take your time to learn.
This market isn't going anywhere.

First of all, It should be noted that our team with more than 15 years of experience in the financial markets and more than 3 years exclusively in the cryptocurrency market, has now come to the conclusion that to achieve lasting success in the trading profession and exploiting it as your main job, There is no shortcut in this market!
So if you are one of the people who want to get rich overnight, Our services are not suitable for you and it is better to go to a casino!


How can you continuously triple your money by using our services?!

To answer this question, let us first clarify 3 things for you:

1- This estimate is based on accurate information collected from our long-term trading results in different market conditions since 2018.

2- Tripling the capital in the worst scenario, based on the lowest level of risk and the simplest method of executing trades according to the crypto coaching team's specific strategy (which you will get acquainted with it in the V.I.P education channel), is achievable within 8 months.
However, This duration can be reduced by reasonably increasing the level of risk after gaining the necessary experience over time.
Of course, your efforts like regular participation in trades and compliance with educational rules will be necessary for this job.

3- It may be a question for you that with the volatility of the crypto market and especially the leveraged markets (such as Futures or Margins), huge profits can be achieved in a month or even overnight!
Our answer is yes, certainly, but due to the impossibility of properly observing the principles of risk management and capital management in high-risk markets, sooner or later all your capital will be lost!
For this reason, all of our trades execute and manage only in Spot Market and only with Leverage 1 (without Leverage) to avoid as much as possible the great risks caused by severe volatility in this market.


How can you be sure that you can continuously triple your capital by using our services?!

1- Review of our past transparent results (Back Test):

If you read the summary of our past trading results, you will find that the summary of the results visible in that section has been calculated from all of our profitable and unprofitable trades since 2018. (According to the fixed simple crypto coaching strategy and with the help of carefully programmed computational software)
You can check the accuracy of these results by manually implementing past signals and analyses which are recorded in our private channels without the slightest editing, on the price chart and checking the price action after the signals issuance time.

Total Net Profit (%)

Monthly Average *

This chart helps to understand the monthly average profit of all trading signals in the period of the report.
Be informed that this data is calculated from all signals and does not represent your exact profit because of the concurrency of some signals.

2- Estimating the minimum amount of profit that can be earned using the previous results:

In the chart of profit estimation, which is calculated and plotted using the detailed results of all trades described in paragraph 1, it can be seen that the lowest average profit of signals is in the least risky situation where the trader exit only in the first targets and no more in all trades. So, as we can see in the results chart, The monthly profit of all signals is currently about 237% on average.

Assuming that the trader participates with 10% of the capital in each trade and participates at least in 70% of the signals published per month, the Trader can earn more than 15% profit easily per month.

(Average Monthly Signals Profit on first Targets) × ( Money Management Ratio) × (Trader’s Participation Ratio) = (Minimum Monthly Percentage Yield)

237% × 10% × 70% = 16.59% ~ 15%


3- The story of compound profit:

Now, let's use mathematics to calculate the total profit at the end of 8'th months in a situation where only 15% of continuous profit is earned monthly.

As you can see, after 8 months, the 10,000$ balance will turn to 30,590$ without putting your capital in dangerous risky trades!
This is The Magic of Compound Interest.

Yearly Money Growth With Compound Interest ($)

(monthly total net profit = 15%)

Compound Interest Table

Compound Interest Table

Read more about Compound Interest

4- Proving the accuracy of the recorded results manually:

Finally, the last question may arise for you, how can you be sure that these results are real and not fake in all these months and years?

The answer is that because all signals and analyses are recorded in the VIP channel (without even an edit) and we can give you temporary access to our Premium V.I.P channel for a couple of hours. So you can check out and compare some of our results with the recorded signals randomly.
You can submit your request for temporary V.I.P access to our admins via Telegram.

Do not forget that all these calculations are just based on the worst scenario

and with a little more effort the results can be much bigger.


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