How to choose a V.I.P channel to get crypto trading signals services!

🤔 For the past months a lot of people wrote us that they are afraid of joining VIP/PAID/PREMIUM channels because many groups scammed them. We would like to give you an instruction about how to choose a better V.I.P channel, give you examples and all info you need.


1. No one can analyze more than 2-3 coins per day. If you see that some channels write that they did 5-6 signals per day successfully, it means that they give 10-15-20 signals per day and only 5-6 of them are in profit – this is SCAM. We usually post 2 signals per day in average. (Depends on market condition)

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2. Don’t trust channels that just give a signal with buy zone, sell zone, and coin name. Good signal always has a description and analysis of why you should buy a coin. This might be TA or news background, but it has to be. (We have a V.I.P education channel about money and risk management rules and trading tips with our signals)

3. Always try to communicate with the admin. If he/she replies widely and gives you all the needed info – you can trust him. There are a lot of admins who just want to sell you membership, they provide scam signals. Good admin always love his audience. Ask us, we often talk with people for 2-3 weeks before they buy membership and this is ok for us because we understand that people should know the person whom they give their money.

4. Be afraid of channels that just post signals and results. It means that they just steal them from others channels. Good channels always write their thoughts about the market conditions, make votes, tries to be closer with members.

5- Never ever participate in PUMP Channels, They’re all scams and you will lose all of your money fast there!

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